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Men and women in San Diego seek out Carlos O. Chacon, M.D. at Divino Plastic Surgery because of his excellent credentials, exceptional talent, and affable personality. Divino Cosmetic Surgery offers a wide spectrum of services, from the most cutting-edge methods in skin care to the most recent plastic surgery procedures. At Divino Plastic Surgery, we take great care and effort to inform you about the process and make sure you feel supported. Our highly skilled, seasoned, and committed staff is available to support you and your objectives. Our services are geared toward making each of our patients feel more attractive and self-assured. Every time a visitor comes to our office, we work hard to deliver excellent results and a positive experience. Dr. Chacon does plastic surgery at Divinowants you to have the care that is exclusive, yet as comfortable as possible, from the time you enter our office through recovery.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to offer the best services and goods in a setting that is tailored so that each person can navigate the numerous changes in life with grace, self-assurance, and beauty. This is achieved by our consistent efforts to outperform the competition in the areas of collaboration, patient happiness, relationships, innovation, service, and care.


We make an effort to communicate with patients in an efficient and culturally sensitive manner.

We can best accomplish the patient's overall cosmetic goals if we are aware of their present and future perspectives on beauty and the aging process.

Patient/Member Satisfaction

Our goal is to address patients' concerns in a way that is efficient, secure, and novel while ensuring their complete and long-lasting satisfaction with all aspects of the practices and services rendered.

In order to remain involved in our patients' care, we take an active role in meeting and exceeding their expectations.


Our goal is to build enduring relationships based on treating people with respect and dignity in a safe and supportive atmosphere. We consider our community to be the strongest part of who we are.


By keeping up with industry changes, patient needs, and new advances in techniques and technology, we want to be the leader in providing the safest and most cutting-edge operations and skin care. Dr. Chacon continues to play a significant role in academia and has taught a number of courses on surgical methods and results. We value the symbiotic relationship between science and art in achieving the best long-lasting cosmetic outcomes.

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Recent News

September 21, 2022

Dr. Carlos Chacon on the Benefits of Extensive Training

Dr. Carlos Chacon from Divino Plastic Surgery is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Southern California. He is naturally talented in his field and has extensive experience; even so, he is quick to note that his many years of training have played a huge role in enabling him to become a leader in his […]

September 21, 2022

For Dr. Carlos Chacon Divino Plastic Surgery is Personal

There are more than a few reasons why for Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery is personal. Those reasons also precede his years in medical school and can even be traced to his roots. Yes, for Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery is his profession, but it also means so much more. A […]

September 15, 2022

Man Boob Surgery

Although man boob surgery does leave a scar, many men are willing to accept it in exchange for the ability to feel more confident and attractive. Men who undergo the procedure also report feeling more open in sexual relationships and not feeling covered up as much. In addition, men who have undergone this procedure often […]

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