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At Divino Plastic Surgery, our central goal is to give the greatest of administrations and items in a customized climate pointed toward taking each person through the many changes of existence with class, certainty, and excellence. Our getting through endeavors to succeed in correspondence, patient fulfillment, connections, development, administration, care, and collaboration achieve this.

We endeavor to furnish socially delicate and viable correspondence with patients. We can best accomplish their general, restorative objectives by comprehending the patient's current and long-haul view of magnificence and the maturing system.

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Medical Consultations
November 28, 2022

Types of Surgical Specialty and Preoperative Medical Consultations

For many reasons, performing a preoperative medical consultation before a surgical procedure is essential. For instance, it helps to identify any risks associated with the process, reduce the postoperative length of stay, and minimize complications. Documenting a preoperative medical evaluation Performing a preoperative medical evaluation is essential for any patient having surgery. It allows a […]

Surgical Consultations
November 17, 2022

How to Reducing the Wait Time For Surgical Consultations

Surgical consultations can take a long time to complete, but you can reduce that by following a few simple steps. The first step is ensuring you understand the procedure’s eligibility criteria. Then, you can apply a Lean Six Sigma approach and use CI to streamline the process. Eligibility criteria Surgical waiting times are a significant […]

Guidelines for Monitoring Assistants Who Administer Moderate Procedural Sedation
November 10, 2022

Guidelines for Monitoring Assistants Who Administer Moderate Procedural Sedation

Moderate procedural sedation is an option for patients undergoing minor surgery. Patients undergoing this anesthetic procedure should be in good general health and have an adequate ventilatory reserve. Patients with significant medical conditions should be evaluated by an anesthesiologist or an attending physician specializing in the primary disease process before undergoing this sedation technique. Medical […]

October 23, 2022

Impact of 3-D Virtual Reality Visualization on Patient Education

Virtual reality is a promising way to bridge the knowledge gap between patients and providers and help them understand procedures more emotionally. One study showed that 3-D virtual reality simulations helped cancer patients better understand their diagnosis and treatment. The researchers used a 3D virtual reality volumetric review of radiation targets and diagnostic imaging on […]

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