Dr. Carlos Chacon on the Benefits of Extensive Training

Divino Plastic Surgery Blog by Dr. Carlos Chacon

September 21, 2022

Medical Consultation

Dr. Carlos Chacon from Divino Plastic Surgery is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Southern California. He is naturally talented in his field and has extensive experience; even so, he is quick to note that his many years of training have played a huge role in enabling him to become a leader in his field.

Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery: How it Started

Becoming a plastic surgeon isn’t a fast or easy process. Upon completing a degree and graduating from medical school, an aspiring surgeon must obtain a state license and then work as a resident doctor for up to six years. Even so, Dr. Chacon didn’t stop with the required minimum training. After earning his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Arizona and undergoing extensive surgical training, he completed an advanced fellowship training program in aesthetic surgery at the University of Southern California endorsed by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 

“I present a tremendous advantage and opportunity to my patients having the training and expertise to provide both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic enhancement procedures are a question of balance. I have to assess which procedures, surgical and/or non-surgical are specifically in line with my patient’s expectations, lifestyle, and budget. Flexibility is key,” Dr. Chacon points out. Indeed, his ability to learn a range of skills has enabled Divino Plastic Surgery to offer a range of general and specialized treatment options for the body, skin, face, breasts, and buttocks. 

Dr. Carlos Chacon Divino Plastic Surgery: Learning Never Ends

“Not only I, but also my patients, have benefited greatly from the knowledge and experience I gained from an exceptional education and training,” Dr. Chacon notes. However, as he rightly points out, “Learning is a lifelong process.” Plastic surgeons participate in many hours of Continuing Medical Education every three years; however, for Dr. Chacon, ongoing learning isn’t just a requirement. He takes pride in staying on top of his field and staying abreast of current trends, technologies, and advancements that could benefit his patients, and he advises aspiring plastic surgeons to cultivate this love of learning and driving passion to keep improving their skills. 

What’s more, he doesn’t just take specialized courses. He also puts a priority on learning from his patients. “Every time I meet with a patient, I view it as a learning experience for both of us,” he reports.  Dr. Chacon understands that each patient has his or her own reasons for seeking treatment and unique needs and requirements that should be attended to in order to ensure the surgery is as successful as it is meant to be.

Plastic surgery is a specialized field and one that is not without its risks. Scarring, allergic reactions, infections, blood-related complications, and nerve damage are uncommon yet potentially devastating complications. Dr. Carlos Chacon has earned scores of rave reviews from current and former patients because he spent years of his life perfecting his abilities and is continually expanding his field of knowledge to ensure he has the skills and tools needed to meet and often even exceed current expectations while protecting patients from unwanted side effects.